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My name is Hiroshi, and I work as an Actor/ Translator (Japanese⇔English)/ Writer in Auckland, New Zealand.

I mainly work on translation projects (Japanese ⇔ English) and write for Japanese online media (mainly in Japanese, occasionally in English), but also work as an actor whenever opportunity arises.

As a TRANSLATOR, I enjoy media translation, but I have 4 years experience in translating industrial manuals, patent, legal, and immigration documents (mainly Japanese into English) through my past employer.  As a freelancer, I have also done subtitles and voice overs.

As a WRITER, I write columns for Japanese online media helping readers improve their English command and also introduce New Zealand to the Japanese audience.  I would like to expand my horizons by writing for the English medium media as well.

My involvement as an ACTOR can be found on my agency’s website.

Contact me from this page if you need to contact me for whatever reason (do say hi to me!).

Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter  as well.